Award winning achievements

Candice Van Wyk (previous van Vooren), has received various accolades, such as National and International business awards; features in Forbes Africa Woman Magazine; The Business Report, The Sunday Independent & various other newspaper & magazine publications.

Candice Van Wyk comes from humble beginnings. She started her first business in her mom’s garage and today she has been invited to various platforms, including television, radio, podcasts, etc. to share on her experiences and successes in business and property, with the main objectives to educate and inspire other entrepreneurs and property investors.

One of her best platforms was being invited to her Primary School in a Township called Reiger Park, which is situated east of Johannesburg, to share with their scholars on the “Power of a Dream” and how her Dreams and goals have kept her focused and determined to succeed. She hopes that her story influenced and positively impacted a little girl or a little boy to embrace their Dreams and to actively pursue their Dreams, no matter where they come from or whatever obstacles or challenges that they may face.

She has enjoyed various other platforms throughout South Africa, where she was able to educate  and inspire others to pursue their Dreams and goals, using Property and Business as vehicles to succeed.

My Values

  • Lead
  • Equip
  • Liberate
  • Inspire
  • Empower
  • Coach
  • Collaborate
  • Excel 
  • Impact
So What’s next?