Last week I concluded my Live Reflection Series: “How to achieve your financial goals in 2021- Part 1”. The topic was “From Debt to Riches” and what an awesome journey it has been for me. Over the past weeks I have been sharing wisdom and insights to help you succeed financially in 2021 and beyond, a topic that I am very passionate about. And whilst I was empowering all my listeners and followers through this topic, I was empowering myself at the same time. Proverbs 11:25 “A generous person will prosper. Those who refresh others, will themselves be refreshed”. Part of my God-given purpose in life, is to help each and everyone of you become debt free in this time!

I remain excited about my future and praise God for giving me the desire, the willpower and the ability to succeed in the midst of challenging times.

My dreamwall keeps me motivated, expectancy keeps my hopes up and the Truth from the Word of God helps me to develop and grow my faith daily. And I am fully persuaded that faith and appropriate action will bring all my dreams to pass and my prayer is that you allow the Word of God to transform your thinking, builds your faith and inspires you into taking appropriate action that will help you achieve success and all your dreams!

One of the things that I am emphasised in my last Reflections Talk was to assess your current situation and this means knowing your current financial health status. Have a clear view of what your monthly budget (download budgeting template under free resources ) and balance sheets looks like today. Also have a clear view on where we want to be in the future with every milestone fully understood. Once we know this, we will need to ask ourselves what do I need to do today in order to achieve my financial goals tomorrow, next month, next year and 5 or 10 years from today. Know your credit rating, as you plan and prepare for the future. And actively work at improving it. Remember Rome wasn’t built in one day, so move your financial goals forward one step at a time. Don’t lose sight of where you are and where you want to be.

I recently read this article and was reminded of how it is important it is to make wise financial decisions today irrelevant of where we find ourselves financially today.

We need to manage our spending carefully in this current economic climate and as we plan for the future. Strongly consider property investing, MLM and/or a new profitable business venture as a means to generate additional income. And for some it can start by maximising the income potential on your personal residence or investing into an income-generating asset or investment strategy with low capital investment and offering a lucrative ROI.

And in light of the above article, let’s not live above our means. Work at settling the bad debt in your life and work at generating additional new and additional income streams , before buying personal homes and cars that you cannot fully afford at this time. Sometimes we have to sacrifice some things today in order to live a financially stress-free life tomorrow.

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