The main topic in this article is still on “How to achieve Financial Success in 2021 and Beyond”. In the previous article I focused on the Law of Sowing and Reaping and in this article I want to talk about the importance of sowing into good soil. The soil that you plant into, will determine the type of crop or harvest that you’re going to reap.

Mark 4:20 NIV “Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”

Let’s look at practical ways of how to achieve a harvest.

It starts by answering these questions:

  1. How much income do you require today?

2. What seed do you have in your hand?

Then find good soil to sow into and expect a harvest. And remember the soil needs to be good, as you want to produce a good harvest. And if you’re not sure where to find good soil to sow into, ask God to lead and direct you and He will. Listen to that inner voice. And as I said in my previous article, sometimes we don’t have to look very far. We may even be led to start by being generous to people or organisations within our inner circle.

So let’s look at it this way, if you want to achieve $1mill every month or every year and you expect to reap 100 fold return on your seed sown, then that means that you need to sow $10k per month or per year and if you want to reap $10k per month, then you need to sow $100 per month and so on. Sow continually as you want to reap continually.

DON’T FORGET THE IMPORTANCE OF WATERING YOUR SEED, which was covered in the previous article, which refers to the Time phase in Seed Time and Harvest. Your seed will always need to go through time, before it produces a harvest. Remain diligent, don’t give up and expect to reap your harvest through the Time phase.

Practical ways to take to sow and reap a financial harvest:

  1. Decide on the amount you need. And put it on your dream wall or vision board.
  2. Be specific and practical when deciding on an amount. Start small and grow your faith to receive. Example: It’s easier to believe for an extra $100 than to believe for $1000 or even $10000! Continually increase your capacity to receive by building yourself up in your most holy faith.
  3. Get into agreement. There is a combined effect of faith when two or more believers agree in prayer concerning anything they ask. The prayer has to be in agreement with God’s Word. Matthew 18:19 NKJV Do not be unequally yoked in business or marriage, meaning don’t go into a relationship with a person who does not share the same belief, values and principles as you.
  4. When you pray that you receive your “harvest”. Once again don’t worry about how or when you’re going to receive it. Believe that you’ve received it when you prayed and that it will only be a matter of time before it manifests. Mark 11:24 NKJV
  5. Faith without works is dead. So take the appropriate action to help you achieve your financial goal, i.e. gaining the right type of knowledge and building and improving your skills; being consistent in delivering against specific tasks that will help you achieve your goal and pursuing the right strategies to help you achieve your goal even if it means restrategising. Planning for success remains key.
  6. Thank God for your harvest and as you do you position yourself for the next harvest. Many times we’re so excited and happy when we achieve our harvest, but we forget to thank the One who made it all possible. So let’s live a life of gratitude.
  7. Remember to continue speaking positive words over your goal and speaking the Word over your goal. We give life to the Word when we speak it. Hebrews 1:13-14 NKJV and Psalms 103:20 NKJV.
  8. Know who you are. James 4:7 NKJV, Ephesians 6:10-18 NIV

Never miss opportunities to sow. You don’t want your well to dry up and you want to continue being a blessing to others. You will experience great joy and peace if you give generously and cheerfully. And give only when you feel joy and peace, otherwise you may be giving reluctantly or it may not be the right soil to sow into.

Last words from me in this article, you will always reap a harvest on seed sown, good or bad. Choose to sow good.

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