This is a prayer that I received from one of my pastors, Ps Priscilla, many years back and early in my business journey. I’ve said the prayer almost daily since then and I believe it’s one of the biggest factors that has contributed to my business success.

I want to pay it forward and share it with you all. I encourage you to pray it daily over yourselves and business partners. I believe the prayer is especially relevant for the times that we are living in and many entrepreneurs require additional support at this time to help them move their business and financial goals forward.

So here goes.

Dear Lord, I pray for Stewardship, Overflow and Wisdom.


Thank you that WE are successful business people. WE walk in integrity and handle money wisely. Because of that, WE are Stewards in the House of GOD where we handle millions and billions of Rands, Euros, US Dollars, Sterling, Yen and other strong currencies; gold, precious metals, jewels, other luxury commodities and resources, properties according to GOD’s direction.  WE seek the Kingdom of GOD first and all things in life come to US. GOD is OUR Source in Whom is all OUR trust and hope.  WE are not drawn aside by greed, the love of money or the deceitfulness of riches.  WE know GOD gives US the power to create wealth and not man.  WE are extravagantly, richly blessed to be a blessing.  WE are living our calling from GOD.


WE are ready and willing to walk in overflow in every area of OUR lives.  OUR heads and OUR hearts grow in capacity through the knowledge and abilities WE acquire daily.  OUR ears are open to hear and OUR eyes are open to see both the flow and the overflow.  WE look at opportunities from new perspectives and think creatively.  Overflow is OURS.


LORD, Your Word says that to fear YOU is the beginning of wisdom.   Today WE choose to fear, respect and love YOU. WE incline OUR ears to YOUR wisdom and apply OUR hearts to YOUR understanding.  Wisdom, WE call YOU OUR sister. YOU are better than rubies and WE desire your ways.  Understanding, be OUR constant companion. WE will keep wisdom before my eyes.  WE will keep sound wisdom and discretion in OUR heads and in OUR hearts. LORD, WE thank You for wisdom in every meeting, transaction, presentation and situation WE encounter in life. Because WE love YOU LORD, You are increasing OUR wealth and making OUR treasuries (bank accounts) full.

In JESUS’ name.  Amen

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