On 27th November 2020 I received a message from one of my mentors that starting on 30 November 2020, he is inviting me to join a small group of business owners who will receive personal and intense mentorship from him and some of the other business leaders for a 90 Day period to help us grow our businesses in acceleration.

It would mean working through December, January, and February. It would mean sacrificing my December break to work on my business goals. It would mean 2 accountability calls with the business leaders every week. It would mean attending training sessions. It would mean prioritising the relevant daily tasks to progress. It would take commitment, discipline, and consistency.

I did not respond to him immediately, but carefully considered this request. Because I knew that whatever decision I make I would need to live with it. I prayerfully and carefully considered though the night and the next day I contacted him and told me that I will join the small group and thanked him for the opportunity.

It’s a few weeks into this journey and I can tell you that I have been dedicating 4-6 hours daily and on some days even more time to deliver on the daily business tasks towards the achievement of the goal set out before me. It has not been easy and there were times when I had to remind myself why I started this journey. And even pursuing these tasks, whilst I was dealing with challenges in other areas of my life. I was determined to honour my commitment and not give up, no matter how hard it got. And today a few weeks later, I am even more determined to succeed compared to when I started this journey.

And let me just share this with you, that when I started this business, I said to myself starting 25 August 2020, I was going to give myself 6 months to achieve the initial business goals set out on the onset. 3 months into the journey, I was nowhere near where I wanted to be at this timeline.

And few days later, I receive an invitation from one of my mentors that he wants to help me achieve my business goals. Was this coincidence? No, I have a dream and I have goals and as I’ve said many times before, something powerful happens once you are clear about your dreams, clear about your goals. You will start attracting the right people, the right resources and the right opportunities will come across your path that will help you to achieve your dreams and your goals. So never underestimate The Power of a Dream, The Power of Setting Goals, and the Power of Clarity.

And there are so many different stories that I can share with you on how the right opportunities have come my way.

I’m also reminded about a personal development goal that I noted in the beginning of 2020. I wanted to improve my public speaking skills and started looking for a programme that I could attend. I researched a few options but nothing that really appealed to me. And one day when I was browsing the internet and when I least expected it, I was introduced to the intense Power Voice Programme with the World-Renowned Motivational and Success Speaker and Author Les Brown, who has now also become one of my personal mentors. And this training programme has been so powerful in helping me to develop as a Speaker and Entrepreneur and over and above this, helping to me to find and develop my Power Voice. And the awesome thing is that I have lifetime access to the training material! Is this coincidence, no, the intention and the goal were set in the beginning of the year already. I was clear about my goal and hence I attracted the right opportunity into my life.

There are few things that I want to highlight to you from these experiences:

  1. Have dreams
  2. Note specific goals with timelines, short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals
  3. Identify strategies that can help you achieve these goals
  4. Decide and make a commitment to yourself that you will put in the necessary efforts needed to achieve your goals even if it means sacrificing today in order to achieve tomorrow
  5. Pray for wisdom and a spirit of discernment to take on the right opportunities to advance
  6. Look for and embrace the right opportunities that come across your path. Opportunities that will help you achieve your goals. And these opportunities may even include the right relationships that will help you or enable you to progress
  7. Personally, develop yourself continuously, so that you can become the person that you need to be to achieve all your goals
  8. Believe in God, believe in yourself, and always remember that
  9. Massive Action = Massive Results

If you are going to achieve your goals, then it is up to you. No one else. And as I said before, winning is personal.

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