What is your financial freedom figure? What is the amount that you need every month in order to cover all of your monthly expenses and live the life that you desire, i.e. to live a very comfortable life with no financial stress. And whilst you thinking about this amount, I want you to make a decision that you will find and implement ways and strategies that can help you put in place residual income, as well as passive income.

In order to become financially successful it is going to take more than just deciding that this is what you want. It’s also going to require you to choose your dreams. It’s important to know what you are going to do with the money you desire once it comes into your life. And there needs to be more than just wanting to make money, because if it was just about the money, everyone would have had more than enough. But there needs to be a bigger purpose, a bigger dream, a bigger reason of why you want to be financially successful and financially free.

My mentor Les Brown says, “When your Why is big enough you will find your How”. So once you are clear about your Whys, the Hows will come. So it starts with your Why! What are your Whys today? Your Whys will also keep you motivated and inspired on this journey towards financial success.

A wealth coach once told me that unless you have 200 reasons why you want to me financially free it’s never going to happen! And today I have over 200 reasons why I am do what I am doing! Why, because I have big goals and big Dreams.

It’s important to know that our goals want clarity. There is something powerful that happens once you are clear about your goals, you will start attracting the right resources, the right people and the right opportunities to help you achieve your goals! So only once you are clear about your goals and your Dreams will you attract all the money that you need into your life.   

Make a list of 200 reasons why you want to be financial free and review this list regularly. Ensure that you are specific and that you add monetary values where possible. Be reminded to add your main goals or reasons to your Dreamwall as well and look at your Dreamwall often.

Visit article “ to learn more about Dreamwalls and Vision Boards.

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