Over the past few months and especially in the recent¬† weeks I have been undergoing significant changes, which has led to my personal development, a greater awareness and understanding of my Purpose and a greater appreciation for all I’ve been blessed with and privileged to enjoy, share and experience. As I will be sharing my Reflections with you, I encourage you too to write down your Reflections.

Here are mine:

I’ve learnt to adapt to my new environment brought about by the impact of Covid-19.

I’ve had to find new and creative ways of generating and growing my income.

I’ve had to believe in my dreams no matter what the circumstances looked like.

I’ve had to remember the importance of positive words and that I can create the future I desire through the words that I speak today. And this is directly linked to my thoughts, because what the heart is full off the mouth speaks, so I choose to feed my mind with positive and relevant material. Relevant to what you may ask… relevant to me achieving my goals.

I now fully appreciate that my marriage is God-ordained and that my husband is my partner for life and that it is my responsibility to pray God’s perfect will over his life and over our marriage.

I’ve had to find new ways to live out my God-ordained purpose ( and I believe I am still evolving in this regard).

I’ve learnt that consistency is a key to ultimate success and that I need to be consistent in delivering my work no matter what I feel like on the inside.

I’ve had to learn to learn to believe in myself in order to believe in others. And that it’s my responsibility to ensure that I succeed, so that I can help my Tribes succeed!

I’ve learnt that my loved ones and I are always protected, not because of who I am, but because of Whose I am!

I’ve received a deeper appreciation for prayer and a deeper revelation on the power and importance of prayer.

I’ve decided to run my race no matter the obstacles and challenges that I may face from time to time, why? Because it’s already been prophecied that I will complete and win my race (Philippians 1:6 and Philippians 2:13)!

I am not here to compete with anyone! I am hereto run my race and ensure that I live full and die empty!

So I encourage you too, live full in every area of your life and die empty.

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