In May, I spent time sharing that instead of being negative and fearful, we should remain positive and use the time during lockdown to revision and reconnect with our Dreams again.

I’ve coached many people over the last few years in the areas of Business and Property and many of them want to live a life of Purpose and leave a legacy for their future generations. I have discovered that when we pursue our Dreams, we are one step closer to knowing and having complete clarity on our Purpose. This has definitely been the experience in my life. Since I can remember I always knew that I was born for a reason, for a specific Purpose, something that only I could do and fulfil. I spent my life seeking out my Purpose and the more I pursued my dreams, the more I realized that it brought me fulfilment and joy and I knew that I needed to continue moving in the direction of my dreams in order to spend a life of significance.  God birthed Dreams within us for a reason and when pursue these Dreams, we will end up living a life of Purpose and Significance.

Now I know sometimes our Dreams are so big, we have no idea how we’re going to achieve them. Our job however is not to worry about how we’re going to achieve them, but rather to believe in our Dreams! Once we see the vision on the regular, the rest will fall into place. I don’t know how it works, but there is something powerful that happens when we know our Dreams and see it on a regular basis on a Dream wall or Vision Board.

I like what Les Brown says, He says, “When your why is big enough, you will find your how”. Our “whys” really represent our Dreams. These “whys” are all the reasons why we want to be successful.

So it’s important to believe in our Dreams, but even more important to actively pursue our Dreams. Zig Ziglar quotes that “Success comes to those who do, not to those who wait”.

So today I want to ask you, what is your Purpose? What are your Dreams? Are you actively Pursuing Your Dreams?

Once you have the answers to these questions, life has new meaning.

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