What a start to 2021!  I don’t know if you feel the same as me, but it feels like this year has just started and already so many people have passed away. Friends have lost loved ones, children have lost parents, siblings and friends have been lost. So many people are dying in hospitals with no family or friends to visit, support and encourage them and all because of COVID-19 (C-19) and its protocols. We’ve heard our national medical staff teams are under pressure and suffering psychologically. It’s also been said that some patients are not getting the right medical care that they need to recover, and some patients are simply not getting the best care in hospital, government, or private based hospitals. And who do you blame for this situation… It’s really a sad situation. C-19 has disrupted life as we knew it and I believe prematurely taken away so many lives and some people’s mental wellbeing. And like me I am sure some of you also feel frustrated at times and hope that things can normalise soon.

In saying this, I don’t think life will ever return to how we knew it. I really do believe that we have entered a very difficult period for many and for some it will only get worse. And what happens when people face poverty, unemployment, etc.? So, I really do believe that for some people difficult times lie ahead. Some of us are already experiencing some form of difficulty and have been for some time.

Some of us are still waiting for projects to materialize due to delays brought about by C-19.

There is talk about vaccines and I know there are mixed emotions with regards to this. Personally, I am skeptical, based on information and resources that I have been exposed to. I believe this is a personal decision and everyone should decide what is best for them, but for me I am not at peace to take any form of C-19 vaccine at this time.

A good friend of mine said her and her family started hot water steaming this week. They do it in the mornings and the evenings and I believe this is a good practice that can minimize the risk of contracting the virus. My family and I have decided to do the same once we are exposed to more people on a daily basis. So far, we have mostly spent time at home, except for the odd occasion when we need supplies.

But I can tell you that I really believe that it is going to take a positive mindset, attitude, and the grace of God to help us navigate through these uncertain and strange times. I find myself in-between places currently. Listening to the news, media, social media on the one hand and then on the other hand understanding that I need to live by faith daily and keep going, keep pushing and moving forward and staying positive and hopeful no matter what I see around me. And not because of who I am, but because of Whose I am! So I’ve personally made a decision today, to spend less time listening to the news, etc. Why because it is important for me to remain focused. I have big things planned for this year and can’t allow any negativity or fear to hold me back or slow me down.

I want to encourage all of you, to make a conscious decision to press into Jesus and His Word with greater fervency and to work on your dreams and goals amid what we are facing. I believe those of us who succeed at this time, will be those who do just this.

God bless you all.

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