Today I am sharing my insights and revelations with you on Proverbs 31, as we look at the life of the Proverbs 31 Woman and what we can learn from her.

Interesting that the New Living Translation (NLT) firstly describes her as a wife of noble character and this to me emphasises this important role in her life. A wife is considered to be a very important role in the family structure, so don’t underestimate your role as a Wife and a Mother.

Then as a wife she is firstly described as virtuous (which means righteous and the only way for us to become righteous is through our relationship with Jesus Christ), so this tells me that she is a woman of God who prioritises her relationship with the Lord and remains in right standing with Him.

She is capable, which means she is talented, gifted and skilled. So, upskilling ourselves is important. What are you doing today to upskill yourself? And then another question I have is what knowledge and skillset do you require in order to achieve that next business or financial goal? Continuously work at improving you!

Her husband can trust her, and she greatly enriches his life, that means, she enhances and improves his life. So, I ask you today how are you improving your husband’s life. She brings him good and not harm, all the days of her life. To me it definitely seems like this is such an important role and relationship in our lives, as there is strong emphasis on her role as wife.

So, in my marriage I am learning to focus more on me and how I can improve myself in being a better wife and a blessing to my husband instead of finding faults in my him. It’s not always easy, but I’ve had a mindset shift after studying out this portion of scripture.

She is a brilliant house executive! She knows how to repair clothing, cook and care for her family and plans the day’s work for her helpers. And this spoke to me, as I realised that we have a very special role that we perform as women in taking care of our home. We also have a responsibility to ensure  that I help plan tasks for all my helpers in order for them to be more effective in their various roles. 

The Proverbs 31 Woman is a Property Investor, as she buys a field which is an income generating property. How awesome is this, so this tells me that I am on the right path😊 And as I’ve said it many times before. I believe that every woman needs to pursue property as an investment strategy!

With her earnings she starts a business and actively works on her business and all her dealings to ensure that they are profitable, no wonder she can start a business from her own earnings, because her business/es are profitable. There is a lot in this statement. She starts a business with her own financial resources. So, my guidance is to become resourceful in starting your business without incurring high interest on business loans and having the monthly commitment or pressure of paying it off, etc.

She has the following qualities too: She is strong, energetic and a HARD WORKER.

I found this image on Facebook earlier this week and thought it is such a good illustration of one of my favourite sayings, which is “no action, no results!”

I noticed that her priorities are in this order:

  1. God First
  2. Her Husband
  3. Personal Development
  4. Her Family, which includes her household
  5. Property Investing & Business
  6. Exercise, Health and Mindset
  7. Profitable Dealings
  8. Helping and Supporting the Poor and Needy
  9. Pursuing Multiple Streams of Income and actively works on it

Here are the different ways that she pursue multiple streams of income:

  • A field that generates additional income through its resources
  • A vineyard representing a business
  • Has profitable dealings, with a S and this could be more than 2. Dealings mean business relations or transactions and the activity of buying and selling a particular commodity. So this could even include trading of stocks/forex.
  • She manufactures and sells clothing
  • She gives instructions, so this tells me that she is also possibly a Strategist, Board Director, Coach, Trainer

Interesting that her husband is a leader in the city. So if you’re single, it’s important to marry a man who is a leader and who will not be intimidated by you and all you represent.

Some extra qualities:

  • She is Fearless
  • She is a Planner
  • She is well dressed
  • She is a woman of strength and dignity
  • She is happy and laughs
  • She carefully considers her words and speaks words of wisdom
  • She gives instructions with kindness, so she is kindhearted and compassionate
  • She is alert and aware of what is happening in her household
  • She is a diligent worker, laziness is not her portion
  • Her children bless her and her husband admires and praises her. He is well pleased with her.
  • And how does she remain this woman. She is rooted and grounded in her relationship with the Lord.

The Proverbs 31 Woman is a good example and she is an inspiration. We may not be all of her, but we can most definitely learn from her. Let’s run our own race! I choose to  actively work on becoming the best version of Me!

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