As SME Women, it is our custom to plan and host women in business events, but due to lockdown which started last week of March 2020 in South Africa, we had to put all planned events for 2020 on hold, which was a real disappointment to me initially, as part of my plans were to host one to two  main SME Women events this year.

I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago and we were taking about this situation. In talking she gave me the idea of considering doing a virtual event and immediately I realised that we can not only do a virtual event, but a global virtual event!

Thank God for friends with vision and this particular friend happens to be one of my best friends too, thanks Zola Thekiso, I appreciate our friendship!

I am really passionate about equipping, empowering, inspiring and coaching entrepreneurs and especially women entrepreneurs and am always looking for ways to live out my passion and positively influence and make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Over and above this, I believe it is one of the things God has called me to do, I really believe that it is part of my Calling and my Purpose and I have a responsibility to honour it.

I am under no illusion that there are many people around the world going through difficult times due to the impact of the global financial crisis. And therefore I believe it is even more important now more than ever for people to use their Voices to encourage, equip, empower, inspire and coach during these times. If you are able to use your voice to positively impact and influence, now is the time to do just that! The world needs our Voices now more than ever!

I was a talking to my husband the other day and I was sharing with him how I enjoy communicating to people through the different and various platforms I’ve been privilege to engage through. Some I have been invited to and others I have launched.

I completed a BCOM Communication degree at RAU, now called UJ and had a great desire to work for a big media house after my studies and dreamed of being a Presenter on a successful women’s show, as well as own my own magazine, etc.…this never happened after my studies, as everywhere I applied I was told that I need more experience and ended up starting my first real job at an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) company. Guess it still involved Communication and hence I was still grateful for the opportunity to start my working careerJ I always knew that I would become an Entrepreneur and told myself after my studies that I would work hard, use every learning and training opportunity in the workplace to grow and develop myself, so that I could use these experiences to prepare me for the world of business!

Today amongst other things, I’ve launched my Reflections Blog, Live Reflections Broadcasts and Reflections YouTube Channel. I am not where I ultimately want to be at, but I can tell you that I’ve started and I am well on my way. I am learning, training and practicing my skills through these various platforms. Not only do I enjoy what I am doing, but I am working on enhancing my communications skills and being a positive Voice and Influencer that I believe is so needed at this time.

If we wait for circumstances to be perfect before starting to work on our dreams, then they will never come to pass. The most important step towards pursuing your Dreams, is getting started. I challenge you, stop procrastinating, stop allowing fear to hold you back, stop making excuses and just start! Your Dream is needed to manifest and only you can live out Your Dream, no one else! You are special and you are unique. You have been wonderfully and fearfully made my God. You are His masterpiece and He has graced you with special gifts, in fact your life is a gift. Live out your Gift, the world needs you.

My name is Candice Van Wyk and I believe that if you Pursue Your Dreams, You will live Your Purpose!

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