I look at my life over the last week and can’t believe that in one moment my life has taken a turn for the better. I am truly grateful and humbled by all opportunities that have come my way over the years. I really am what I am by the Grace of my God.

So over the last few months I have been seeking out opportunities to further develop myself in the areas of Speaking. I’ve taken on many speaking platforms over the last few years and have received both positive and critical feedback. I do know that if we want to become a master at anything we set our minds to, then it will require many hours of practicing the skill, pursuing the right training to help us further develop in this area, read the right material, as well take on coaching opportunities and anything else that can help us become better at our skill or skillset.

I had a strong desire over the past few to become better a better Speaker and still do, why, because almost everything I do today, involves communicating to people.

So I was introduced to a few speaking courses and training and none of these really appealed to me and earlier this week, I was online in the evening and came across a live social media session from one of my favourite Global Motivational and Inspirational Speakers. He then proceeded to ask who is hungry and wants to learn how to use their voice more effectively and as a means to reach a global audience and I responded. The next day I was contacted via messaging and we did an online interview and I was accepted into the Programme. The interview was easy to do, why because I was ready. The questions that they asked, I was ready to respond to, because over few months of national lockdown in South Africa due to COVID-19, I was actively working on my dreams and my goals in the areas of the questions that were being asked. I believe I got into the Programme, because I was ready!

Actively work on your dreams and your goals, so that when the right opportunities come your way, you will be ready to respond. And yes I had to Invest in myself. But I am glad I waited and rather invested the finances into this Programme than into the others that were presented to me. I’ve learnt in life that not every open is an open door for us, we have to be selective about the open doors that we decide to step through. And listen to your gut, your inner voice, when deciding which doors are open doors for you.

This Global Speaker and Communicator decided to work with an exclusive group of people to assist them in becoming more effective communicators and global voices and I was selected as one of the people to join him on this journey. I already had my first session earlier this week and what an amazing experience it was! Wow, all I can say is wow!

I am so grateful to my Lord for the opportunity, because I know that my steps are ordered of the Lord. I also know I am highly favoured by Him, because from 100’s of people, maybe even 1000’s who responded and shown interest in his Programme, my response was seen and pursued by his team.

I have confessions of favour that I confess often over my life almost daily and I have been doing this for many years. One of the reasons why I believe I have experienced so much of favour with God and Man is because of the words of favour I choose to speak over myself, my family, my circumstances, my businesses, my finances, and the list goes on. I even confess favour for you my SME Women Community and Women in Business Group that I’ve been working with over the past few months! My heart is for you too to also experiencing favour in your lives.

So I encourage you today, put your own list of positive confessions together and declare them over your lives, over your families, friends, circumstances, businesses, finances, health, etc. and do it daily and see how your life will start moving in the direction of your words. Always remember that our actions need to support the words that we speak. We have to be intentional about planning and taking the appropriate actions to achieve these plans.

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  • Lorraine Chutel

    Hi Candice. Thank you for the blog post. I am seriously thinking of changing my life, even at my age. I hope you will be able to coach me along the way. I remember praying: ” Lord give me life until my work ends, and work until my life ends!”. I saw this somewhere and I thought that’s for me. I do believe that all of us have something to give and to receive as long as we breathe and our hearts beat. Thank you and be blessed.

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