It’s because successful people have a systematic approach to goal setting and goal achievement.

So in my article on Planning for Success, I discussed the importance of Goal setting and having SMART Goals in place.

Today I’m progressing to the importance of having an Action Plan in place

I am sure some of you have heard the saying, A Goal without a Plan, is just a Wish, so it’s important for us to put a clear Action in Plan in Place that will assist us in achieving our goals.

So the question is: How Do We Create An Action Plan?

Decide what you want- be specific and be clear about it.

1. Write your goals down- write down the 3 most important goals in life today

When we write it down, it becomes a decision that our intention is to achieve this goal. We tend to expect the goal and when we do we start attracting the right people, resources, opportunities and circumstances into our lives that will help us to achieve the goal.

The bible teaches us in Habukuk 2:2, that we must write the vision down. When we right the vision (the goal) down, we understand it better and we are able to run with it! Even others will be able to read it and understand it and be able to run with it, but I will elaborate on this specific point in another article.

2. Set deadlines and sub deadlines for these goals– it’s important to have a target time, as you want to work towards achieving your goals on schedule.

This will help you understand how much you need to invest every year and how much income you need to generate every year in order to achieve these goals. Most of our goals will require financial assistance in order to achieve it and hence this part of the plan becomes very important.

3. List the tasks required in order to achieve your goals.

Take time to think of everything you need to do in order to achieve your goals- list all of these things, identify the obstacles you will need to overcome, the knowledge, information and skills that you will need and then the people’s help and cooperation you will require to help you achieve your goals.

The more comprehensive your list, the more motivated you will become and the more intense will be your desire to achieve your goal and the more you will believe it is possible to achieve.

4. Combine all these tasks into a plan and organise it by priority and sequence

Priority = what is more important vs less important, and Sequence = what you have to do before you do something else and in what order. List every step that you think you will need to follow and as you identify new items, add them to your list.

80/20 rule- says that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities, the 20/80 rule says that the first 20% you spend of the time that you spend planning your goals and organizing it, will be worth 80% of the time and effort required to achieve the goal. We always want to ensure that we achieve maximum results with the efforts we apply.

5. Now that you have comprehensive list in place, Schedule it into a comprehensive plan, plan each day, week and month in advance

Plan each month at the beginning of the month, plan each week the weekend before. Plan each day the night before. The more detailed you are, the more you will achieve in less time. Each minute spent on planning, saves 10 mins on execution. As you plan your day, select your No 1 priority for the day.

Ask yourself this question, if I could do one thing on the list, which will be the most valuable of my time, which will it be and then proceed to write the No 2 task, then keep asking this question until you have the top 20% of your tasks organised in sequence.

Now that you have an Action Plan in place, the next step is to:

6. Take Action

No Action, no results! Keep adjusting your plan as you go along.

Our task is to bridge the gap between where we are today and the goals we intend to reach and an Action Plan is going to help us achieve this.

I wish you massive success and your journey forward!

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