Manifesting your best life in the midst of challenges: This is a topic that I am so passionate about and even in the midst of difficult times- past and present, I’ve been able to see some of my dreams manifest, through applying faith in God’s Word and the right levels of effort and consistency, in actively pursuing my dreams and my goals.

I will be doing a workshop soon, where I will be sharing on my experiences and how I’ve been able to still pursue my dreams and goals in difficult times, including this world crisis we are currently facing and see them come to pass. Visit my Upcoming Events page to be updated on all upcoming events.

Some of my accomplishments achieved during Lockdown that I am so grateful for:

  • My Purpose, Vision & Mission statements are completed
  • My personal and business branding and marketing strategies are being redefined and executed on
  • I’ve been able to find another good marketing team to work with- Heila and Aly thanks so much for all your efforts in helping me to bring my dreams to life!
  • My website is live!
  • A special thanks to Jamey for the amazing work he did on designing and developing my website. It’s been such a lovely experience working with you and you too have creatively and beautifully brought my ideas to life!
  • We started our Wednesday live chats on Zoom and Facebook for our business Property Pick: Get Property Wise, Wednesday Chats with Candice & Leroy
  • I’ve learnt how to host my own webinars and have hosted a few over the last few weeks and these will continue, so excited! Getting started wasn’t easy and I had lots of laughs!:-)
  • My Reflections Blog and Youtube Channel are finalised
  • I’ve started regular business coaching sessions with my coach again- Ed you have been amazing. Your business wisdom and insights shared in such an understandable and practical way is helping me to move our business goals forward.
  • I started our Business Plan sessions with my Christian Women in Business Small Group ( let me know if you want to join us). Contact us on with your email address and contact number and let me know if you want to be part of these intimate groups.
  • My husband and I had some good quality time to ensure that we actively work on our strengthening our relationship
  • And within a few weeks I’ve been able to drop a dress size, due to following an eating plan and exercise routine, so excited! Working on dropping one more dress size!
  • ETC.

So it is possible to be productive and achieve our dreams in the midst of challenging times. It will just require determination, discipline and commitment, but more than that if you are clear about your Why’s, then the How’s will fall into place!

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