We got a good and quick response for our SME Women event scheduled initially for 24 March 2020 and within a few days of advertising it, our event was fully booked. I so looked forward to connecting with all the SME Women booked for this event, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak we had to cancel our SME Women Event which was going to cover the topic of How To Build Your Business and Personal Brand. As a Business Coach and Mentor, not being able to speak to people face to face has been a challenge, because this is something I am very passionate about. We are however very fortunate to live in a Digital Era and this has forced me to find new and innovative ways of engaging and growing our SME Women community. The links to my Social Media Platforms are available on my website, be sure to connect with me and ask me any of your business related questions. I look forward to continue supporting you in your business through the online channels I have available to all my subscribers.

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